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Tomorrow, Monday 16th June, the mission group at the Church I attend, will be meeting to discuss whether to formally take Partake Ministries as an official church mission partner... Below is the outline I gave them and it is also attached to this posting as a PDF... Thank you for your prayers...

Dave Roberts Partake Ministries

Why Partake?

It is going to be harder to be a Christian Disciple in the western world as time goes on, and so discipleship and learning solid biblical doctrine etc is essential in order to endure sufferings/ persecution... Also discipleship is just not done a whole lot in the church today..."

Vision Statement: Partake Ministries exists to communicate and disseminate resources for the purposes of Evangelism and Christian Discipleship by employing radical and relevant methods.

Mission Statement: With the help of the Holy Spirit, to strengthen those who are weak in faith; to comfort the spiritually uncomfortable and to make uncomfortable the spiritually comfort. This is done so that people would “partake of righteousness” Matthew 5v6, and that through their life of discipleship, Jesus would have supremacy (Colossians 1v18).

What do we do?

1. Write, produce and distribute evangelistic/discipleship resources. These would be distributed both online and through churches, with a suggested donation basis. Currently these include:

  • ·ADD (Active Daily Discipleship) Partake! Discipleship Course. This will be distributed by audio CD and/or MP3 CD, and accompanied by a booklet outlining the teaching with appropriate questions. Talks of up to 10 minutes, completed and recorded. Being proof-read at the moment.
  • The Jesus File - 8 short talks/videos of less than 3 minutes discussing Jesus evangelistically.
  • The Bible File - 8 short talks/videos of less than 3 minutes discussing how we should interact with Scripture. Audio is complete so need to work on the videos.
  • Bible Book in a Minute - where each book of the bible is summarised and key verses given within a minute. New Testament written and videos produced. The Old Testament is to be started.
  • JOG (Jesus Overview in the Gospels) - Series of 10 minute talks. Completed and recorded. Being proof-read at the moment.
  • BBW (Big Bible Words) - Short talks of no longer than 3 minutes, discussing some of the major words/themes of the Christian faith… Currently being worked upon.
  • JAPE (Jesus' Anecdotes & Parables Explained) - Short talks of no longer than 3 minutes, discussing some of Jesus’ parables. Not started yet

2. The website(s) currently has on average about 100 unique visitors daily and on average 150 downloads occur. 3. Running a discipleship course on a lunchtime, evening or on a Saturday - either at PBC or another church in town. 4. Assist churches to use virtual communities and virtual reality in their local ministry. 5. Support smaller churches and lead worship and/or preach there in order to give the elders/pastor a break for a week. 6. Devising a welcoming & newcomers strategy for churches. 7. Devising a discipleship strategy for churches.

Reasons Why I Believe God Is In This Venture

  • Other people have suggested it, including those churches that have turned me down for jobs.
  • Other people who I don’t know, who have evaluated the resources.
  • Other people who I do know, who say that it would suit my gifting.
  • Through prayer and the regular prayer-walks I have engaged upon through Ringwood town.
  • God has supplied 2 flexible and part-time jobs for me to remain in Ringwood and also have time for the development of Partake Ministries.
  • Support Group has been set-up and Accountability Group will be set-up.
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