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About Dave, the founder and director

I was born in rural Australia 400 miles north west of Sydney in the mid 1960’s. Even though I was christened as a baby, I was raised by my parents to think that Churches were dangerous places and Christians merely deluded. In 1976, we moved to a town on the coast of Australia, about 100 miles north of Brisbane in the state of Queensland. Sometime later, as an older teenager I was invited along to a youth group run by one of the local churches. So I decided to rebel against my parents and attended church! WOW!

After several weeks I ended up admitting that there was indeed a God and gave my life to Jesus Christ, became a Christian and was baptized in the local river. My parents were never able to understand why I needed to be a Christian.

In 1984 I completed a Certificate of Christian Theology with Cornerstone College in Emerald, Queensland followed by a Diploma of Theology with the Australian College of Theology in 1985. In 1986 I went to India for 6 months short term mission work with Frontier Servants, before returning to Australia.

In 1990, I came to England for what I thought was 6 months of touring Europe! How wrong I was! The Lord has had me stay here now for 23 years having left the country that I love! I have been married now for 18 years to Youngmi. I attained a BA Hons in Theology in 2007 and started Partakers in 2006. My Honours Dissertation dealt with how churches could use the internet for evangelism, discipleship, prayer and worship.

You can see a copy of the dissertation by clicking here


Partakers – the story so far!

Founded in 2006, and commissioned by our church, Poulner Baptist Chapel, Partakers seeks to encourage active Christian engagement online and resource whole life Christian Discipleship. We have a particular interest in helping those who are isolated from church, such as those who are housebound or carers for housebound. In addition, we have a great interest in helping and encouraging churches with small congregations and those in isolated areas.

 I have 6 accountability partners to ensure godly practise in a private and professional aspects.

Why the name Partakers?

All Christians are Partakers! To partake, or to be a partaker of something, can mean at least three things! Firstly, it means having the qualities or attributes of something. Secondly it can mean having, giving or receiving something. Finally, to partake of something, means to consume! Every Christian Disciple is a Partaker! Look at this! WOW!

  • Partaker of spiritual things Romans 15:25-27
  • Partaker of the Gospel 1 Corinthians 9:19-23.
  • Partaker of the promises in Christ Ephesians 3
  • Partaker of Grace Philippians 1:3-7
  • Partaker of His holiness Hebrews 12:10-11
  • Partaker of Christ's suffering 1 Peter 4:12-13
  • Partaker of the glory that will be revealed 1 Peter 5:1-4
  • Partaker of divine nature through God's promises 2 Peter 1:1-4

That is how we came by the name ‘Partakers’!

Vision Statement

Partakers exists to help the Church to communicate, innovate and disseminate resources for the purposes of Christian Discipleship in the 21st century. We would love to help you out in some way to actively participate in Digital Space using the internet and digital technology.

Mission Statement

With the help of the Holy Spirit, to strengthen those who are weak in faith; to comfort the spiritually uncomfortable and to make uncomfortable the spiritually comfort. This is done so that people would partake of righteousness, and that through their life of discipleship, Jesus would have total supremacy.

What do Partakers do?

  • Producing and distributing resources for Christian discipleship, evangelism and Christian worship based solidly on balanced Biblical doctrine and thought.
  • Various seminars and workshops concerning discipleship, prayer and Digital Space.
  • Help churches and christians to engage efficiently in Digital Space
  • Enabling & encouraging others to use their spiritual gifts
  • Assisting churches use virtual communities and virtual reality in their local ministry.
  • Support smaller churches with overstretched leadership by leading worship and preaching on an as need basis, thereby giving the leadership a mini-break.

View the videos below for more!

The day God said "No"

Audio interview with Hope FM in the UK


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