September 2, 2015

Wednesday WOW Worship - 3 September 2015


Worship Wednesday

Order of Service


Opening prayer

Bible Reading: Psalm 3

Bible Reading: Mark 4:35-41

Bible Talk: God's Love for you reflected!

Our bible spot today is by Jim Allis and he is sharing some insights about worry and fear.

Maybe today you are worried about some matter and wake up at night concerned about why God is allowing this or that in your life. Questions come flooding into your mind Why Lord? Why? What are you doing with me? Are you really there? Friend, listen at these reassuring thought based on God's precious holy Word. We are instructed to read it to be wise, believe it to be safe and practice it to be holy.

So then will Jesus keep me safe?

When we look into the gospel narratives of Jesus with his disciples He is always there when they need Him most. On the sea of Galilee they are scared of the fierce waves and what do they see? Jesus Himself actually walking on the very waves that threatened to break up their ship and drown them. Do you remember His words? Only two but so, so important.

"Fear Not"

We need constantly to remind ourselves that Jesus is the Co- Creator of those waves. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can happen to those disciples He loves except He allows it for a purpose. They were safe and we too are safe by His presence within "in the storm" Because "we are kept by the mighty power of God through faith..............." 'Kept' is a military term used here in this verse meaning 'garrisoned' Garrisoned around and fully protected. Think of a castle made secure by way of a Moat and Keep.

Remember also that the disciples were quaking in fear behind locked doors following the resurrection of Jesus. Again He is there for them when they need Him most. His words on this occasion are also reassuring "My peace I give to you" We cannot see Jesus but He can certainly see us. Isn't that reassuring?

Of course our faith is small maybe as a mustard seed but big enough to remember other words from Scripture " Wonderful words of instruction and certainty, "Cast your cares upon the Lord because He cares for you" (1 Peter 5:17) He can move mountains.

He will never leave us alone in any situation however dreadful it may be. Remember also He is never further than a prayer away.

So it shouldn't be surprising to learn that the devil will do everything to stop us praying for reinforcements from heaven. His plan is to remove our peace and stop the power of God coming into play. I believe it is so true what the hymn writer wrote "The devil trembles when he sees, the weakest saint upon his knees"

Finally remember that when we pray we can only be heard and have prayers answered in the name of Jesus. It is because we are joined to Jesus that our prayers are heard and answered. What an incentive to pray! Jesus knew the power of prayer and spent whole nights in prayer seeking strength and wisdom for the day ahead of Him with all its challenges. He met and won victory after victory through prayer. We are encouraged to do likewise in His name.


Song: Marjie Reece “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills”


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