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Way of Wisdom

with Regina Sanders

Four Keys To Recognizing The Problems You Were Created To Solve

Welcome to The Way of Wisdom with Regina Sanders. I am Regina Sanders your host and I am so honored that you have decided to be with me today. I want to jump right in. Today we are going to discuss four keys to recognizing the problem that you were created to solve. Did you realize that you were created to solve a problem for someone? Well, you were! Everything is created to solve a problem. Computers solve a problem for being able to retrieve information. If you are blessed to have one in your home and have internet access then you have the whole world right there at your finger tips. It solves a problem for you. An ink pen solves a are able to communicate the old fashioned way; write a letter, write down notes, make a list. So I want to discuss with you four keys to recognizing the problem that you are created to solve.

The problem that infuriates you the most is often the problem that God has assigned you to solve. Anger is a passion. Anger is energy requiring an appropriate focus. Anger is always a necessary ingredient for uncommon change. What angers you is a clue to an existing problem God intends for you to solve. It is a signal from God to correct something that grieves Him. People often say, "Oh, we're not supposed to be angry." God created us with that emotion. He just did, and it is how we use it. You don't allow anger to sit there and fester and become a root of bitterness but you use it to promote life in the kingdom of God. Jesus was angry. He said, "Be angry but sin not. He came into the temple, the synagogue, and they had it set up like a marketplace He overturned the moneychangers and He told them to honor His father's house. It is about honor.

What you love the most is a clue to the problem you are gifted to solve. Do you love computers? That is where your wisdom will be. Do you love children? You probably possess an innate, intuitive ability to communicate and aid children. What do you love? What you love is going to be a clue to the problem that you are to solve. I love people and I have experienced such massive grief in my life having lost two children. There is nothing like burying your child. It is a hard thing...part of my passion is for parents who have lost children; but you see grief doesn't just surround us when we lose a loved one; we are encompassed with grief when our pets pass away or get lost, we are encompassed with grief when we lose a job, when our favorite car dies and it seems like there is no money we are encompassed with grief.

So grief is one area that God has called me to. That is a problem I can solve, because we can get stuck in grief. God has called me to help people walk through the journey of grief because King David said in the 23rd Psalm, "I walk through the valley of the shadow of death..." He didn't say he stopped, he didn't visit. He didn't linger and he certainly didn't set up residency, but he walked through it; and when he reached the other side his cup overflowed with joy! And that is my calling, to help people move through this process of grief.

What grieves your heart continually is a clue to a problem God wants you to solve. When you see television programs that make you weep for starving children that is a clue that God is linking you to something. I recently listened to Lisa Bevere give an interview and she has a wonderful book and study guide out "Lioness Awakening", and it is through this vision that God gave her that part of her ministry was birthed. She recalls sitting and reading a magazine about the trafficking of young women, selling them into slavery, and imprisoning them, and God placed it on her heart and opened the door, gave her a window of opportunity to be a part of rescuing these young women. He will put you there. What makes you weep? That's a sign, that's a clue to a problem you are to solve.

Your dominate gift is often a clue to the problem you are created to solve. Are you gifted with numbers? Do you work with children, administration and organization, music? Your gift is the bridge to the problem you are created to solve. You were created to solve a specific problem on the earth. You can't solve everybody's problem. You are not called to everybody, everywhere; but you are called to a specific geography; to a specific people, to solve their problems. In your job, you are there because your boss needs you.

There is a problem that he needs you to solve. Do your best, give your all, solve that problem with everything you've got; with minimal supervision. Allow him to see it. If he says, "Boy, I sure would like to have a glass of orange juice but we don't have any in the building..." be the first one to say, 'I'll be right back. I am going to get that orange juice for you. Do you want pulp in it or you want non-pulp?" Solve his problem and he will recognize you. Solve the problems that God has created you to solve and He will recognize and honor you. He qualifies you for the position that He has put you in.

Look at Joseph. Joseph had a dream as a child and he told it to his father and he was so happy. Then he told it to his brothers, and again, Joseph was so happy; but his father and brothers weren't happy! In fact, his brothers plotted to kill him! But one of them had mercy and a little fear of the Lord, and said, "We do not want his blood on our hands! We can't kill him! We will sell him! Let's sell him into slavery. Throw him in this pit until these Ishmaelites come by and we will sell him." And that is what they did. They sold him.

The Ishmaelites then sold him to the Egyptians. He landed in Potiphar's house, where he was over everything. God's favor was upon him. He was waiting for his dream, but he was in preparation. Preparation don't always feel good, but that is where he was. He supervised Potiphar's whole household, and had access to everything except Potiphar's wife. And when he refused her because he would not dishonor God and he would not dishonor Potiphar, then he was thrown in prison. Thrown in prison for choosing the right thing, making the right decision; but God's favor was upon him in that prison; and he was the supervisor over the prison. He solved a problem for the baker and the chief cup bearer. He interpreted their dreams and he asked them to remember him when they got out.

But you know, they forgot him for a long time, but then Pharaoh had a problem. He had a dream and nobody could tell him what it meant...he had a problem...and that is when they remembered, "Hey, you know what? When you threw me in jail...remember that way back when you threw me in jail? Well, I had this dream and I didn't know what it meant but there was one there and he told me what it meant. You should go get him. He is still there!" And what did Joseph do? Joseph prepared to go before the royalty. He bathed, changed his garments, and he shaved off his facial hair because Egyptians didn't like that. He prepared to go before the royalty.

He, with God's help, was able to tell Pharaoh what these dreams meant. He became second in command under Pharaoh. His father and his brothers bowed before him as he gave them grain in the famine. He prepared a place for them. His dream was finally fulfilled. It took 19 years. You know, when you pray for something and it don't happen immediately...don't get discouraged. Don't think, "Well, God said no..."maybe He's not saying no, but, "Wait! Let Me qualify you, and prepare you to walk in what I have called you." That is what He did with Joseph for 19 years! Keep your dream ever before you. That is what Joseph did, and he prepared each step of the way. And each step of the way in his preparation he was solving problems for somebody; whether it was Potiphar, somebody in the prison, or Pharaoh, or his own family; he was that problem solver. And you have that same design in you!

That's right, you, you are the next Joseph! Who are you called to? What problem are you called to solve? If you are not sure, i encourage you to dig deep into God's word. Stay ever present before Holy Spirit and ask! "Lord what problem is it that you want me to solve?" And be a willing vessel and tell him, "I am here. If there is anything I can do, use me." He will!

I thank you for being with me today. I want to close with prayer and I want to encourage you to come back and be with me next week in The Way of Wisdom with Regina Sanders. Father, God, I thank you for the message that you've brought forth today. I pray that it speaks life into everyone that listens to it. Father I thank you for Brother Dave who made this syndication possible, and I ask you to keep your hand upon him,anoint him, place your heavenly anointing upon him. Bless him. Let your favor rest upon him in everything that he does for the furtherance of your kingdom, God for his heart is to let the world know that you love them...that is his heart and I thank you for him. I thank you for each one that took the time to listen to this syndication this morning, and I pray that it spoke abundant life into them and that it was a guiding tool in helping them see what problems you have called for them to solve. I just thank you, Father, I just thank you for your love, for your hand which anoints us, provides for us, protects us and covers us. I thank you, Father. I thank you that you place us in the cleft of the rock, in the arms of Jesus, for our safety and our protection; and that you pour your mercy and your grace upon us. In Jesus name I pray! Amen.

My friend, if you don't know Jesus, if you don't have a personal relationship with him, then I ask you, will you make that decision today? Romans 10:9 teaches us that if we confess with our mouth the Lord Jesus, and we believe in our heart that God raised him from the dead, then we are saved. So, will you pray this prayer with me today? Dear Jesus, I believe that you died for me and you rose again on the third day. I confess that I am a sinner. I need your love and forgiveness. Come into my heart,forgive my sins, I receive your eternal life. Confirm your love by giving me peace, joy, and a supernatural love for others. Amen. Friend, if you prayed this prayer, you made this decision today, write into us, let us know so that we can celebrate with you; because you are the prodigal son or daughter returning to the loving arms of your father and he is preparing a great celebration for you...a great feast, and I want to rejoice with you, and brother Dave wants to rejoice with you, so let us know. If you don't have a church we will do everything we can to help you get in contact with a church so you can be connected with other believers...and I just thank God for you! God bless you! Have a good day!

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