Wednesday Jun 22, 2011

Worship 20110622


Worship Wednesday

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I wonder what and who you trust in! When I am sitting on a chair I am putting my trusting in the chair to support me! When I go to the doctor, I am trusting in that doctor to help me! These are simple examples of everyday trust!

Yet in other cases, trust in the world today is a missing ingredient. The one thing that most people today will say they trust in is them selves. The world says to trust yourself, don't rely on anyone else because all others are unreliable and the only person you can trust is yourself and you should only ask for help if your really desperate for it. I have had people tell me that!

It is like a refreshing breath of clean air, that we come to those words in Proverbs. When God says "Trust me", he is totally trustworthy. In the Bible we read of people learning to trust God. One such person was the man David. As we look through is life, we see David is growing in confidence from the shepherd boy to the aged and wise King.

We see him growing in rest and trust in and of God alone. Through out his life, David trusted God! One example is when he hid in the mountains and caves from Saul, Absalom and all others that were after him - he trusted God to save him.

We read that David's only hope, honour, refuge, rest and salvation was in God. That was what David trusted God for! David trusted in God for his salvation, both physical and spiritual. David learned to trust God for everything, including the bare essentials such as food and drink. Go out today, willing to trust God for every area of your life and praise Him when he supplies.

Holy and loving God - Open our eyes to see you. Open our minds to trust you. Open our hearts to love you, this day and forever. As we go now May we trust and love You each moment, showing this trust and love to others by being shining lights in darkness and gleaming mirrors of your love, power, majesty and glory. In the name of Jesus whom we trust for salvation and iIn the power of the Holy Spirit whom we trust to transform us! Amen

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