March 12, 2011

WISE - Resurrection



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Resurrection means rising or raising up.  It certainly means more than coming back to life as some people think.  Jesus raised three people from the dead, but that was more a resuscitation than a resurrection - those three people would die again! So lets start by looking at Jesus' resurrection.

Jesus' Resurrection

The resurrection of Jesus Christ provides the central theme for the sermons and teaching in the early church (Acts 1v22; Acts 4v33, Acts 17v18).  But what significance is there in Jesus' resurrection?

Jesus' resurrection proves and vindicates all of His teaching.  It certifies His claims to be the suffering Servant, just as it attests to His being fully God and the last Judge of all mankind (Isaiah 53v10-12; Acts 2v36; Acts 3v13-15; Romans 1v4).

God's approval of Jesus obedient service and the fulfilment of all the Old Testament promises is declared through the resurrection.  The result of which, is forgiveness of sins and salvation being only found in and through Jesus Christ.  In the early church this was the prime motive for evangelism (Acts 2v32, Romans 4v24-25)

As the resurrected King, Jesus now intercedes for us.  More than that, He has perfected the redemption of all those who choose to follow Him (Romans 5v10; Hebrews 6v20, 1 Peter 1v21).

These facts remain for Jesus' resurrection, despite what some people say including Islam and other detractors of historical Christianity.

The changed attitude of the disciples after seeing the risen Jesus.  The disciples changed from defeated, cowardly people into victorious, brave and bold people. Nobody who could have produced the dead body of Jesus did so.  This led to the survival and inordinate growth and impact of the early church.  If there was no bodily resurrection of Jesus' would people really have risked persecution and death for a known lie?  Finally, there were multiple appearances of Jesus! These appearances were to various numbers of individuals and groups of people, at various times of the day and in differing circumstances.

Jesus' resurrection is a sign of the bodily resurrection for all those who believe and trust in Him during their earthly life!  This should give you a new attitude to death and the transforming of hopes (1 Corinthians 15v12-58, Romans 8v10, 2 Corinthians 4v14; 1 Peter 1v3 & 21)

Believers Resurrection

The bodily resurrection of the dead, those who are saved and those who are unsaved, is clearly taught in Bible (John 5v28-29; Acts 24v15). Christ's resurrection is the guarantee of our resurrection (1 Corinthians 15v20-22)

Christian Disciples resurrected body will be:

  • Like Christ's glorious body (1 Corinthians 15v49; Philippians 3v21; 1 John 3v2)
  • Not flesh and blood (1 Corinthians 15v50ff)
  • Not partly spiritual (Luke 24v39; 1 Corinthians 15v42, 53)

Those who are or were non-believers will be resurrected (John 5v28-29), but not entered into heaven but rather cast into the lake of fire.  It makes the work of evangelism for all Christian Disciples, all the more imperative.  Go tell somebody today, the good news about what Jesus resurrection means to them.

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