June 25, 2022

Partakers Bible Thought – The Spirit Explodes 19


The Spirit Explodes
Part 19 of 22
~Goodbye and Encouragement to the Ephesians
~Acts 20:1-38

by Roger Kirby


There is a very end of term feel to this chapter. Things do not go according to plan. One student falls asleep in the middle of a lesson. Then Paul exhorts everyone to a vigorous future just like a headmaster at an end of term assembly. 

Question 1: What more does Paul do than the work of an evangelist?
Question 2: What was Paul’s attitude to danger, as when the Jews, perhaps Jews planning to sail on the same boat as him, plotted against him?

Question 3: In what particular things is he telling them, and therefore us, to follow his example?

Question 4: An image from slavery is a poor one to relate to Paul’s description of how the elders in Ephesus were to operate. What better image of where overlooking occurs can you think of than that?
Question 5: How do we know what is the truth to which we are to firmly adhere?

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