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Think Spot - 31July 2017


G'day! Welcome to Partakers and the start of new week!.

Jesus is Unique

Did you know there are a group of forgotten people within the Church? A group of people, who are Christian, yet in the vast majority of cases, are generally forgotten about, marginalised and often patronised. These people want to be involved in Church, attend a Church worship service and use their gifts and talents within the Church, to the glory of God - and yet often, as I said, at best forgotten about and at worst, patronised.

I am talking about those people who are Christians, but are stuck in their home for most of the time due to debilitating illness for example. You may be one of these yourself or you will know somebody who is.

They are people, yet often are pretty much dehumanised and depersonalised. I wonder how the Church you lead or attend, helps them to play a part in the life of the Church? How does the Church give them an interactive worship service, if indeed, they do at all?

This is a growing issue for the Church as a whole. God accepts them as His children, wants them to worship Him with others, has given them gifts and talents to be used for His glory and the building up of His Kingdom. Yet, as I have said, these Christians, these people, are at best forgotten about.

If you are one of these Christians, or you know of somebody who is, then please do all you can to help them use their talents and to also take an interactive worship service to them in their own home! It can be done, because I have done it myself. Pray to God to expand your imagination and see how you can help others this way on this issue! Contact me here and I will help if I can or please do visit


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