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Think Spot 24 October 20116

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Have you ever wondered what constitutes a growing church? Do you know that it isn't just a list of names on the church roll or a social club. Neither is it a large number of people who have made "decisions for Christ". So, what constitutes a church which is living and growing in both spiritual quality as well as numbers? Here are 4 pointers for you as a Christian to go into the week thinking about how you can contribute to the church you attend:1. Full of 'Kingdom of People' - people who declare Jesus is Lord, reflecting His values in word thought and action.2. Full of people who are filled with the Holy Spirit, that is people who allow their lives to be totally controlled by the Spirit, and letting the Spirit flow through them.3. Full of people involved within their local community, utilizing their spiritual gifts for the glory of God.4. People whose lives are oriented around

  • Commitment to Jesus Christ - following Jesus' commandments, and learning daily hww to be more like Him.
  • Commitment to the Body of Christ, the Church; Loving the Body and Bride of Christ just as Jesus loves the Church.
  • Commitment to working within the local community - utilizing the gifts God has given them (and everybody has them you know!) for the glory of God and exhortation of the other people.

There is no such thing as a full Christian life without those three things in the above set priority - Jesus, church, community. If the priority is shifted in any area then our priorities are wrong. Christians aren't to just to be Christians on a Sunday but 7 days a week. Not just to associate with other Christians, but to affect their local community throughout the week for the glory of Jesus Christ. To do this, this week, think about these questions:

  • Am I fully committed to Jesus and His teachings?
  • Am I fully committed to working within my Church?
  • Do I want the Church to grow in quantity and quality?
  • Am I fully committed to my local community and seeing Jesus glorified within it?

Go into the week, knowing God can use you to help extend His kingdom in your local community. Thank you.

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