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Think Spot - 29 February 2016

How is your Christian life going? As you look back on your life, can you see how you have changed and been transformed from the time you came to acknowledge that God was God and entered into a relationship with Him? You can? Good! Let God WOW you with Himself as He transforms you in the power of the Holy Spirit who lives within you, into the image of Jesus, the Son of God.

Your transformation, however quickly or slowly, is evidence of your relationship with God. Are you aware of that? WOW! As you put into practise what you learn about Him, your life has that God WOW factor about it. As you let God take control of your life, bit by bit, you become less self-absorbed and more God-absorbed and caring about others people. Get God's WOW in your life. Let Him change and transform you.

Are you in situations where change is needed? Then instead of wanting to change the situation, change yourself, change your attitude and grasp hold of the God you claim to be your - Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Go into this new week, this new month, knowing you are God's child, that He loves you and wants to transform you greatly. Let your life be a WOW about God- a WOW about God to those that know Him and a WOW about God to those who don't know Him yet.

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