September 28, 2015

Think Spot 28 September 2015


28th September 2015

Deceivers or Receivers

2 Tim.3:7, "Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth."

Approaching two young ladies and two young men who belonged to a certain religious cult (I knew this as I had met the two men previously. They were now resting from their door to door visitation at a local coffee house I go to regularly.. I had felt deep concern for them for some while and feeling compassion for them after prayer really felt pressed to ask them a particular question . This question along with its answer had been on my mind and heart all morning and I knew I was meant to use it in my work as an evangelist with someone who God would place in my path that day.

Now it seemed God had led me deliberately to these particular four people. God is sovereign and never makes a mistake. So I began. “May I ask you a question. I am unsure as to what your organisation would teach you to say to someone you came across who had little time to live.

For instance, If you as Bible Believer's were visiting a very sick man who had been told by his doctors he might die at any time what would be the most important, most wonderful, encouraging, news in the Bible you could share with him? Say, he only had ten minutes to live, what would be the most important truth from the Bible you must share with him.?”

I admit I was desiring most assuredly to share the gospel message to all four young people before me, who I believed were blinded by their teachers and presented with false teaching concerning our Lord Jesus Christ. So I considered this was a good way to go about it. With this particular cult they are hungry for questions put to them as they believe they alone have the answers to life and death and love to impart knowledge to those of us who are lacking it in their opinion. They just love to be the teacher.

So I was pretending I was not as knowledgeable as they were. So how did I get on, you ask? One of the men said “I would tell him it was important for him to address God as Jehovah.” I encouraged the speaker by saying “good point”. But added “But was this the most urgent news he needed to hear? Is there a scripture which helps us in that situation? What was the vital information this man needed to hear in order for this man if he was about to die if he was to be assured of a safe arrival in Heaven?

Surely with eternity at stake this man needed to be able to hear the answer to this very important question. One of the young men said “Well he hasn't time to be taught the way to eternal life in the new earth so he would miss out” The truth is they didn't know so I gently asked if I might quote a scripture which I considered would be a brilliant illustration to help the dying man. This they readily agreed to.

I took them to Acts 16 and the question asked by a very frightened Philippian jailer whose life was about to be taken from him by those who employed him if his prisoners escaped. You see an earthquake had recently taken place causing the doors of the cells to come off their hinges and they were flung open wide allowing the prisoners to flee.

So what question was asked by this Jailer as he fell trembling on his knees before Paul and Silas who had been his prisoners “Sirs what must I do to be saved?” Paul instead of running for his life answered with the most wonderful news he could have given to anyone in need of knowing the way to heaven. “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.”

The young ladies who had been listening intently were very impressed by this illustration from the Bible and said ”Yes surely that is great news , the best” However they didn't know that it would be upsetting to the young men who were their teachers that morning. Guys who were teaching them what their cult taught that Jesus is not the Son of God. Yet the Bible addresses Jesus as The Lord Jesus Christ. A term for God.

Well, very little else was said after that but I had placed Scripture in their minds and Hebrews 4:12; informs us how important that was.

I only hoped that later they may have looked up Acts 16:31; in its context, and saw how that man was gloriously saved through the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ as well as his family who on hearing from Paul the gospel, made a quick response and became followers of Jesus Christ and were made ready for heaven.

There are none so blind as those who do not want to see. Blinded and none so deaf to Jesus words. These peoples minds were closed to the great gospel truth and needed their eyes and ears opened by God.

There are many people who follow teachers who lead them away from the Bible. They teach them only to use the scriptures to their own movements advancement. They are are on a slippery slope 'the blind leading the blind” and need to be taught a better way and be brought to a true understanding of scripture which will then place their feet on a sure foundation, secure as an anchor in Christ our Saviour.

If you have been taught the better way (see John 14:6) be thankful and be ready to share with others as opportunities fall your way. Remember when you do so to use the “Sword of the Spirit,which is The Word of God” (Hebrews 4:12;)

Joy's Prayer

Dear loving Heavenly Father,
How thankful we are that you have put good Bible teachers on this earth and placed them in our way to show us the Truth concerning the way to Heaven. Help us to be discerning as to what is The Truth and to study God's Word to show ourselves approved by God and to always read the Bible in context as we know a word not in context is a pretext.
Many fall into error because of false teachers. If we are to come to a knowledge of the truth we have to take special care to listen to evangelical teachers who believe all of the Bible and rely on The Holy Spirit to speak through them . We know there are some cults which do not even believe The Holy Spirit is a Person sent by You to help us to discern and steer clear of such teachers. Show us clearly which churches are truly biblical and those which are not.

Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers

In Jesus name.

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