21st September 2015

Why Read the Bible?

“Read it to be wise, believe it to be safe practice it to be holy.” These words are written in the front of my Bible. They remind me how important the Bible is to me. It is my food and drink. It is described that way in the Bible It is also described as Honey as well as a hammer. A lamp and light to my path. Strong meat, a sword, milk and I am sure a good number of other words because it is so important and so indispensable to the Believer.

Men and women around the globe have died rather than recant words from this book explaining Who Jesus is. It contains the very words of God spoken to 40 writers over 1600 years and today speaks still as loud to billions upon billions who pick it up and begin to realise what a treasure is contained here. The very Creator of the Universe, the Maker of sun moon and stars speaks to us from this very book. The Bible is also described as quick and powerful, pure and unadulterated, strengthening and stimulating,

It is above all books and is a world's best seller. 

It has been translated into many different languages and is still being translated into the language of tribes who need to hear God's Truth today. Above all information in this amazing Book is the incredible story of God the Creator of the vast Universe. It is made out of nothing. Even more incredible it tells the story of man falling out with His Maker and the story of how God reconciled the world to Himself through His Son Jesus Christ.

It explains the way man is to live his life in every detail and the source of His needs to be met and the very purpose of his being here on earth. In fact no stone is left unturned in explaining all we need to know in this world into which God our Creator has placed us concerning our lives and our future.

My friend, if this book is so wonderful and is so helpful why is it that it is often pushed to one side in so many homes? Why are so many Bibles finding their way into charity shops and even being thrown away? Because the enemy of our souls Satan does not want us to find the way to God and Heaven. He wants us to be uninformed how to live out our lives . He wants us to despair rather than find the answers to our many questions.

Do you remember the words I read at the beginning? Read it to be wise, believe it to be safe, practice it to be holy.

We need to get to know the author and ask His help as we look into its many pages of wisdom. We need to set up a daily plan for reading it and digesting its contents. We need to realize how unsafe this world is for us without the knowledge of The Holy and the vital need of His Presence with us every step of our earthly journey to our final destiny. We need to take time to be holy and spend much time with His Word.

We live in a world of darkness and need the Light of Gods Word to show us the way ahead. We need to know how insufficient we are and our need of direction and and redirection when we have the left the straight path and wandered off. Practice it to be holy. To be like Jesus we need to have a soaking of God's Word into our lives daily, to be washed by the pure water of God's Word and to be filled anew with His Spirit Who explain the Scriptures to us. May we all find some more time to spend in this wonderful Book and delight ourselves in it. If not it will be to our cost and will affect our destiny.

Joy's Prayer

Dear Lord and Heavenly Father,

Teach us to revere the Bible more than we do. To have it by our side, ready to be referred to rather than hidden away out of our sight only to be brought out next Sunday to take to church with us like an ornament. It is our daily manna so please give us an appetite for it to even a craving for it when we miss a days reading. Imprint upon our minds to read it to be wise, believe it to be safe and practice it to be holy.

Sorry, if we have neglected it, especially if we have been afraid to look into its pages in case it made us feel guilty of sins we have committed. Lord may we be an open book before you ready to be spoken to by You and ready to readjust our lives when shown the error of our ways.

If downcast lift us up through its many pages of encouragements where your people have been in similar circumstances and needed to be strengthened by you. Lord we love the psalms, may we read and see ourselves there with David and others who faced difficult times and discover how they found their peace and rest in You. Lord we do love you and thank you for the Bible .May we treasure it for ever.

In Jesus Name


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