August 17, 2015

Think Spot 17 August 2015


17th August 2015

John Bunyan

Amazingly expanding ministry

Today I want to remind you of another great Christian who was put in prison for preaching the gospel in the open air and overnight behind bars received a revelation by way of a dream which he transferred to a book which has become a best seller next to the Bible worldwide. His name is well known, John Bunyan formerly a tinker by trade from Bedford and the author of Pilgrims Progress.

Pilgrims Progress is a fantastic book to accompany the Bible on your bookshelf at home. With amazing dexterity John paints word picture after picture of the Christian life from the seeker to the finder, to the sharer of his faith to the persecuted for his faith.

It is full of the adventurers of a man who begins his journey leaving his home and family with a heavy load on his back representing sin and his deep longing to be rid of it.

In his hands he has the Book. He comes to Evangelist who points to the house of the Interpreter (The Holy Spirit) who shows him the way to the Cross where there is a bottomless pit in front of it where when Pilgrim looks to the cross, his heavy load disappears down the hole gone for ever. Then the journey really begins with all kinds of people to be met on the road to death and glory. Some are planted by God and some by Satan. Now his name is changed from pilgrim to Christian for he is transformed.

This book is still a best seller today and multitudes have been helped by this incredible dream translated to paper so we can read it and benefit from it.

His ministry was amazingly extended by prohibition. The point I am making again this week is that if you are a Christian and your path to Christian service has been hindered or you are pushed aside for another to take your place or because of your age don't think your ministry is finished.

Again, If Satan isn't opposing your ministry then you probably are not where you are meant to be. Sometimes what appears to be a blocking of your path or something evil happening in your life may well turn out to be an amazing step forward for you into another more meaningful and fruitful ministry.

Remember God is sovereign over all. We should never forget that. Satan has power, but God is way over the top of Satan and even uses Satan's actions to eventually further His own glory. He alone is Almighty.

Keep your eyes fixed upon The Lord. He will never, no never be thwarted by our enemies.

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