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Think Spot 19th November 2012

Possessed by Christ

What a thought!! isn’t it amazing?

The apostle Paul wrote “You are not your own! You were bought with a price therefore glorify God in your body and spirit which belong to Him.” …“For me to live is Christ” “Christ lives in me” … How marvellous is that? As I meditated on this fact this morning I was suddenly made aware of being filled with such joy that was inexpressible but so, so, real as the truth of those words hit home to my spirit. For me? How very close is that? He is living in me!. When I go anywhere or do anything he is with me! No longer with but in me!!

What joy may flood your heart too as you grasp and experience this truth. Not only Rivers of living water flowing out from me but He is resident inside of me! Again, Ephesians 2 explains that “we are seated in the heavenly places with Christ. Jesus” Isn’t that an astonishing statement too?

Jesus promised to all his disciples, of which you are one, if you are a born again Christian. “He that is with you shall be in you” The Spirit of Christ living the life of Christ inside of us, right? Doesn’t that make a difference as you face that forthcoming operation? Does that not make you feel different as you submit to Jesus Christ afresh for the umpteenth time having failed miserably before? Doesn’t that make a difference as you come to your daily devotions and looking up the portion for the day previously thinking nothing will jump out at you, but today things will be different! Doesn’t that make a difference as you pray for opportunities to share your faith this day having previously shrunk back when the opportunity arrives with all kinds of doubts?

Expectancy is the key word. “Only believe and you will see!” The Lord wants us to go everywhere gossiping the gospel. There are so many people who have not heard the Good news which has transformed your life and mine. They may have a spattering of knowledge about God but usually they are so lacking in knowledge about Jesus Christ and you have the knowledge and hopefully now with Christ's fresh evidence that He is in you encouraging you to speak out for Him with Him directing your words. Everywhere you go, carrying a tract and the gospel that has transformed your life in your mind and heart and ready to share. All He requires of you to be successful is your heart felt desire to be obedient in every area of your life for you to be full to overflowing with His Spirit.

The proof will be when you step out of the boat into the water and keeping your heart aware He is living within (keeping as it were your eyes fixed upon Him) He may not be walking in water ahead of you but He is walking as it were within you. He is with you to bless your daily conversations when you speak of him to others. He will give you so many opportunities and you will be amazed. Remember every moment you are on the winning side.  Excite people with your testimony of how you find Him operating in your life daily and making such a difference to you. Speak of Him as a real, living Being living close to you. He is of course

When you speak to anyone remember you have the Lord of the Universe inside you. They have nothing in comparison. They need Him in their lives. Be brave and see what Jesus will do through you. Remember “Christ is in you the hope of glory.” I conclude with an up to date experience I had today. On this occasion it was concerning someone I sat with at a table in town and drinking coffee. He had missed his bus back home and because of his failing health (he has inoperable cancer) I offered to take him home in my car. As we drew up to his home he said he does think a lot about God now as he is drawing near to his heavenly home and said he has memorised a comforting prayer written in the common prayer book used in the Church of England. He repeated it to me and as he expressed each word slowly, because.(recently he had a stroke) He then quoted some words from hymns by Charles Wesley and Toplady. I encouraged him as he spoke of the closeness he wants to find in the Lord now that he may be called home at any time. I drew his attention to some of the promises I have shared with you earlier including, “Christ in you the hope of glory” He listened and then I prayed with Him that each day now he may wait in expectancy for the Lord to move him to glory and that he may be ready and that it might be an easy exit from this world to the next.

He thanked me for the prayer then I offered the one booklet I had with me called “My Presence shall go with you” which is one of many I distribute and make available for others to use in their daily walk of witness with the Lord. Again he thanked me and said “I didn’t know you wrote booklets like this but I am sure that one is meant for me.” I said I prayed each day that the Lord would lead me to whoever He wants me to communicate with to share the glorious gospel. The booklet I gave him “My Presence shall go with you” contained a fair amount of personal testimony. He knows his life is in God's hands and he is contented in God. He still witnesses at 90 years of age and has three people coming to his home to talk to next Sunday. Then he said, “ Jim, I really believe it was God's will for us to meet today and for you to bring me...... home …....”

Joys prayer

Dear Lord and loving heavenly Father, we admit our fears to you and ask You for holy boldness and love in our hearts for people we meet today. Help us to open our mouths and speak forth clearly the truth about You. Help us to be witnesses to people who You have already planned for us to meet . Make us even more aware that Christ is living within us and that as we offer ourselves afresh to you each day we may be able at the close of each day to say “I feel great to have been a witness for Jesus today”. In Jesus name, Amen

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