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13th February 2012

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G'day and welcome to Partakers ThinkSpot on Monday, the 13th of February 2012. Let's go over to Jim and Joy and discover what they are sharing with us today. Over to you, Jim!

One key subject that repeatedly rings out clear and plain in the Bible is 'reconciliation'. What is the meaning of the word? Reconciliation is the re-establishing of cordial relations. So, the obvious conclusion drawn is that people are estranged from someone and need to be brought back together.

When Adam and Eve were tempted or tested in the garden of Eden they were doing so as the representatives of mankind. What would man do when tempted by the devil?

It was a dramatic occasion when Eve and then Adam were tested to see if they would obey the one rule God had given to them. The price of failure had already been spelt out clearly to them "the soul that sins will die" (Genesis 2:17;) They both failed the test and we read in the book of Romans that consequently death came not only upon them but upon all mankind from that day to this. This was the result of this failure to obey. (Romans 5:12)

Man was out of step with the Lord and needed to be changed. They had been distanced from God through their disobedience and needed to be reconciled to God . They needed to be really sorry for their misdeeds in order to receive the gift of forgiveness from God and that was still a long way off until the coming of Jesus to whom all the sacrifices pointed., Meanwhile though their sacrifices of animals birds etc they showed their need to repent and believe in the coming Reconciler. That was the purpose of Jesus Christ's coming to reconcile us to God. (Romans 5:10;) Sin makes the righteous God angry. Sinners become God's enemies. Jesus through his death restored this relationship between us as sinners and God by His grace. The Greek word 'katallasso' means "put into friendship with" Reconciliation comes through God's initiative. Man, on his own would never be able to return to that relationship without God opening up the way through His Son and our Saviour Jesus Christ . (John 14:6)

Meanwhile God overlooked their wrongs as they offered their sacrifices.Reconciliation and forgiveness could only to be obtained by The Reconciler Jesus Christ. Adam and Eve's act of disobedience broke their sweet communion with God. He had come down and met with them daily in the cool of the evening to fellowship with them. But one day when he came they were not at their usual meeting point. They were in fact hiding from God( Genesis 3). They were conscious of their guilt and were ashamed. Thankfully God took the initiative so that the solution to theirs as well as ours, is spoken of here in the very same chapter. Genesis (3:9-10)

What a moment? The God of all history in the early days of His creation.

When we come to the New Testament and Luke 15 and the parable of the prodigal son we see a beautiful picture of a loving father and his wayward son being reconciled. We can sense the moment when tears flowed, hearts beat faster and arms embraced each other and the word got around "he is home all is well again"

If you are reconciled to God and you are at peace with Him be thankful and praise the Lord for restoring you.

When a woman I had been talking to about her need of our precious Saviour and realised how precious she was to Him and how He had sought her out and given the chance to be back in fellowship with Him she was overwhelmed and saw immediately a vivid picture of the evil devil who had kept her away from Him for 60 years. She saw how she had forgotten God her heavenly Father but He certainly had not forgotten her. The tears flowed and she then rejoiced in her Reconciler, Jesus Christ her Saviour Lord and Friend. Friend you cannot be happy away from God , The sooner you return to Him the sooner you will have peace restored in your heart and joy unspeakable. Why stay outside the door when there is such a warm welcome on the inside.?

Joy's Prayer

Dear Lord and Loving Heavenly Father,

How thankful I am that you set up your wonderful recovery programme to restore us almost as soon as the first person decided to disobey and leave your company. Such amazing love, its difficult to take it in.

I love you Lord for your very deep interest in me and the fact that you love me with an undeserving love, but also an eternal love which never fades.

An 'agape' love which is prepared to forgive me time and time again when I fall. Oh!, dear Lord strengthen me in those areas where I mess up and help me conquer my failings and serve you more faithfully and love you more earnestly. Thank You that I can talk to you at any time as I cast my care on You. Hold me close please and never let me go

In Jesus name


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