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Thursday Story

Butterfly with Deb Jarzabek


I was tiny,
A mere dot in a huge world.
I could have been blown away
or devoured by something larger than myself.
Yet, I increased in size and strength.

My legs took me on a
seemingly endless journey
Repeatedly, as I grew,
I removed my decorative coat
for a new one.

I had all I needed
and my life was carefree.
Eventually, my body began to change.
To protectively hide,
I covered myself with my silk blanket
What is happening to me?

Oh the agony.
No one sees as I tightly hide.
New shapes begin to form.
I feel all alone,
and the only sound I hear is my own.

Lord what is happening?
I am deformed! Rescue me please!
I do not understand!
Then, I hear a soft voice,
it gets clearer and clearer.
I've heard it before.

"Come out", it said
I struggle with all my might.
In great determination
I crack open my hardened silk blanket.
I can see the light.

I felt blinded and alone for so long!
Little by little, and now I am finally OUT!
Oh to breathe the fresh air,
to see the sun shinning again!

Then I remember,
I remember who I was.
I remember how deformed I became and I wonder,
what has become of me now.

He tells me,
"I allowed you the time of brokenness.
I allowed you the time of pain.
I was with you through it all.

Because of Me you are not the same.
I gave you wings for freedom
to go beyond where you could imagine.
I decorated your wings.

As others see your beauty
they will be reminded of Me."

©2014 Debra Jarzabek



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