June 22, 2022

Partakers Bible Thought – The Spirit Explodes 16


The Spirit Explodes
Part 16 of 22
Many challenges!
Acts 17:1 – 34

by Roger Kirby


There are many intriguing things happening in this part of the journey as the apostolic band travels south towards the great cities of Athens and Corinth. It sounds as though they did not stop for more than a night until they reached Thessalonica, the capital of the Roman province of Macedonia. Unlike Philippi it was a free city in the Emperor’s favour because it had been on the right side in the civil war three generations earlier.


Read Acts 17:1 – 9.

Question 1: - Probably few or none of us are good at all these things, but we will all be better at some than others. Which are you good at?

Question 2: - The proving bit reads ‘proving that the Messiah had to suffer and rise from the dead”. How would Paul have proved that? How can we do something  equivalent?

Read Acts 17:10 – 15.

Question 3: - Of the people you know who are not yet Christians who would be the most likely to ‘examine the scriptures’ diligently?

Read Acts 17:16 – 34.

Question 4: - What makes you think more deeply about the sad and bad things in the world around you? If you don’t, what should do so?

Question 5: - Depending on where you are coming from, what your surrounding culture is, you may be surrounded by images, or completely free of them. Is your situation right? Would you be able to worship the true and only God better if all or most of the images you see were removed or could you do with some (perhaps a cross) to help you worship?

Question 6: - What is he assuming here?

Question 7: - The resurrection seemed as unlikely then as it does now. How do you argue for its reality?


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