June 21, 2022

Partakers Bible Thought – The Spirit Explodes 15


The Spirit Explodes
Part 15 of 22
Excitements at Philippi!
Acts 15:36–16:40.

by Roger Kirby



We do not know why John Mark had left the little group of missionaries to return to Jerusalem. Of course it turned out that the most important thing he would ever do, writing his Gospel, was still some distance in the future. It is also clear that Paul forgave him enough to have him working with him and then to be anxious to be visited by him when in prison.


Question 1: What about a bit of guesswork? What reasons might Mark have had for going back to Jerusalem that he thought were good reasons and Paul did not?

Read Acts 16:1 – 5.

Question 2: Why did Paul circumcise Timothy just after it had been agreed that non-Jewish Christians did not need to be circumcised?~

Read Acts 16:6 – 12.

Question 3: Would you agree that this is a good way of proceeding?

Read Acts 16:13 – 15.

Question 4: What does the fact that she was baptized mean?

Read Acts 16:16 – 40.

Question 5: What is the sequence of actions that lead to the joy of the jailer?

Question 6: Why did Paul and Silas not say they were Roman citizens before they were beaten and avoid a very painful experience?

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