December 24, 2012

Spirit of Christmas 6


The Spirit of Christmas

by Henry van Dyke

For Christmas 2012 on Partakers, we are listening to a short book, "The Spirit of Christmas" by Henry van Dyke, first published in 1905 and in the Public Domain. The original book can be downloaded by visiting the Gutenberg site

Today we listen to

Part 6 - Journeying

As he said this, the young angel rose, with arms outspread, from the green meadow of Peacefield and, passing over the bounds of Heaven, dropped swiftly as a shooting-star toward the night shadow of the Earth. The other angels followed him—a throng of dazzling forms, beautiful as a rain of jewels falling from the dark-blue sky. But the child-angel went more swiftly than the others, because of the certainty of gladness in his heart. And as the others followed him they wondered who had been favoured and chosen to receive the glad tidings.

(Hear the rest of this part of the story by either listening to the audio stream or downloading the mp3.)

Our readers have been:

  • Samantha (narrator)
  • Dave R (Archangel Michael)
  • David C (Archangel Uriel)
  • Jim A (Archangel Raphael)
  • Liz B (Child Angel)
  • Killian (group of angels)

This was our 6th and final part of this short story! Thanks for listening! Please do let us know what you thought about it by making a comment below!

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