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The Spirit of Christmas

by Henry van Dyke

For Christmas 2012 on Partakers, we are listening to a short book, "The Spirit of Christmas" by Henry van Dyke, first published in 1905 and in the Public Domain. The original book can be downloaded by visiting the Gutenberg site

Today we listen to Part 2 - the Archangel Michael speaks out!

2. Michael

"The Earth is full of oppression and unrighteousness! The Earth is tormented with injustice, and the great misery that I have seen among people is that the evil hand is often stronger than the good hand and can beat it down.

“Am I not Michael, the tallest and most powerful of all the Great King’s angels. Listen! My voice is deep and strong! Look! Here is my shining armour and this long two-handed sword hanging over my shoulder.” Yes, I am Michael, the mightiest one among the warriors of the King, and the executor of the divine judgments upon the unjust.”

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