November 29, 2010

Social Action - Sherif


Social Action speaking out against injustice

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As Christians, we have a responsibility to speak up and out, for those in our community - both local and global - who have no voice and are the victims of all kinds of social injustice. We are to work for social justice and be involved in social action - that's part of our loving of other people radically. The oppression and persecution of people is anathema to the Lord our God and it is to be for us as Christians! Speaking against any form of social injustice, on a local, national or global scale, is a Gospel imperative! Jesus Christ spoke out against all forms of injustice and we as His followers must be compelled to do likewise. Where a minority is maltreated and discriminated we should be at the forefront of demanding justice for all! We are to be promoting civil rights and using all aspects of the law to do so. We are to be working to ensure the poorest members of our community, both local and global, are cared for and the oppressed freed!

In your country, this could mean peaceful demonstrations and interacting with your political representatives! Look at some of the great reformers or social activists of the past: Wilberforce helping to abolish slavery; or Martin Luther King Jr. at the forefront of ending segregation and racism. May each one of us, on the local, national and international stages, play some small part in ending prejudice, suffering, racism, poverty, bigotry, abuse, oppression and other injustices. As John Stott once said: "The reason for our acceptance of social responsibility... is simple uncomplicated compassion. Love has no need to justify itself. It merely expresses itself in service wherever it sees need." As Jesus of Nazareth once said: "Love God and love other people."

Here is a case in point - let us practically show radical love. Sherif Hassan Abdelwahab Mohamed was going to Cairo to take his new wife to meet his family and comfort them after the death of his father.

1. Sherif is an Egyptian citizen.

2. Sherif is married to Emma, a British citizen.

3. Emma has no criminal record.

4. Sherif has no criminal record.

5. Sherif is a follower of Jesus Christ.

6. Sherif was detained on 9th Nov 2010.

7. There has been no contact from him for the last 24 hours since he said he would be in contact.

No charges have been brought. No questions have been answered. No indications of his location have been given.

The latest news, is that Emma has bought a plane ticket for Sherif to return home. If he doesn't use it, it will prove:

  • either that the emails we've received have not been from him
  • or that the authorities have not been keeping their word

Whatever happens, we still need to keep up the pressure

Visit and follow the instructions on how to speak up for this man! There are draft letters you can send to those in Government officials in the USA, UK and Australia. As well as addresses for the Egyptian embassies and consulates in those country! Help this Christian brother and lets see him reunited with his family!

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