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Aspects of Covenantal Love

(Song of Solomon 8:5-7)



1. Dependency (Song of Solomon 8v5a)

2. Data (Song of Solomon 8v5b)

3. Desire (Song of Solomon 8v6)

4. Devotion (Song of Solomon 8v7)

How can we respond?


There are 3 main ways to interpret this book. Firstly as a story about the joys of biblical love between a man and woman. That bit even I can see. Some would say that it was erotic, but as a white Australian male, I just don't see it! Secondly, the earliest commentators and readers saw it as an allegory about God's love for His people Israel, particularly with their coming Messiah in mind. The third way shows that this Song of Songs speaks not only on a physical level about the importance of human love and intimacy between a man and a woman, but also the intimacy that exists, blossoms and grows between a person and Jesus Christ.
Martin Luther called it the "noblest of all songs". Tonight we look at what could be considered the key verses of this book. The couple have now entered a covenantal relationship - a relationship committed to one another.
Song of Solomon 8:5-7.

These three verses are the key verses of the Song of Solomon or the Song of Songs as other people call it. As the couple, the Lover and the Beloved, have now entered into a Covenant of love, we are, tonight, going to look at 4 Dimensions of Covenantal Love. A Covenant is a contract - a promise. Throughout Old Testament history, God had made covenants with people - people such as Adam, Noah, Abraham and Moses. The original readers and commentators would have known that and understood that. Download the sermon mp3 to hear the rest of this sermon...

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