August 23, 2015

Sunday with Sammy

23rd August 2015

Hillsong Kids have a great song, they have many and they’re all very catchy! One in particular tells us…
The greatest treasure,
The word God's people wrote,
It's in the bible,
Where Noah built a boat.
And it rained and rained!
Chorus: The rainbows in the sky,
To show God's promises are true,
The rainbows in the sky to show the world,
He's the only way,
For your everyday.

It’s a simple ditty, and if you search for Hillsong Kids and The Rainbow song you’ll hear what I mean. Well is certainly has been raining. A lot. Even the most hardened European cannot help but to comment on it – the Europeans think it is a very strange British trait to always be discussing the weather! The rainbow IS in the sky to show God’s promises are true. For some I know this is small comfort when all they can see for miles is water.

Way back in Genesis 9:11 God says “I establish my covenant with you: Never again will all life be destroyed by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth.” And in verse 13 He continues, “I set My bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a sign of a covenant between Me and the earth.” His bow, the rainbow.

There is a lot of anger of the recent flooding, understandably from people affected; but also from people who are fairly unaffected by rising water levels and waves breaking over sea defences. There is blame being bandied about. Who could be to blame? The Government for not doing more to strengthen the sea defences? How about the local authorities for allowing houses and dwellings to be built and sited on at risk areas… I’m sure they are called flood plains for a reason! How about the building companies, or the solicitor’s and estate agents, or the people themselves for buying properties in such areas??? And, of course, God is being blamed. I have heard that He is punishing Britain for allowing same sex marriages to take place.

So, what do we do now?? Pick one, appoint the blame where we feel it is most prevalent and then just get on with our own lives? Sell everything we have to financially support people who are in dire straits? Neither of those are very sensible or Christian. Yes, we are to give our talents to God, but we still need to pay our own bills! Talents. Our gifts. Physical and tangible. These people don’t need sympathy they need empathy, and they need your prayers. Of course if you’re in a position to help financially and that’s what you wish to do then don’t let me stop you.

But first, ask God what it is HE wants you to do. Just throwing money at a situation and then burying your head in the sand can sometimes be worse than accepting there is nothing you can do and just praying God sends the right people to what is needed. Prayer won’t stop the rain, or the floods just as it won’t stop the sun rising or Earth turning. But prayer is such a wonderfully powerful tool that we all possess. No one thinks they pray well. No one ever says, oh yes I’m brilliant at prayer, it just rolls off my tongue and I have the right words for any situation at hand. Never! But God does hear you when you speak to Him. Sometimes a prayer is answered straight away with a resounding yes, sometimes it’s a straight no, and sometimes it’s a ‘maybe’. These are the hardest to hear and these are the times when you have to put your trust in God more.

I pray that when water levels start to subside, and people can return to their homes, that they can still rely on others to lend a hand, and hug, or a give a loaf of bread, and that the community spirit that we seem so easily to lose sight of when the media tell us it’s ok to, will still warm their hearts, and those from whom they are receiving their gifts, and that they and we ALL may continue to love our neighbour as Jesus asks us to.


Heavenly Father, send comfort to those who are sad and lonely this day. To those who feel there is no end to the misery they are encountering. Send your holy angels to dwell with them, to drive away all negative thoughts that the enemy fills their heads and hearts with. Send people to them who can really make a difference and help them in the ways they need. Protect them and bless them and all those who care for them. In Jesus’ name we ask this.

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