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Helping the Forgotten Church



Welcome to this little book, where together we will explore some details about who I call, the Forgotten Church. Not forgotten by God but generally by the Church itself.

Who are the forgotten Church? In every community, there are people who want to attend Church, be involved in a Church, and yet for what ever reason, they are unable to. The reasons may include the demands of work. debilitating illness, having to care for others or due to geographical isolation. This little book explores how we can help these people to enjoy and participate in an interactive Church worship service. All at a time and place which is convenient for them. After all, you may one day be in need of such help, if indeed you are not already.

This is what we will explore together in this book:

  • Who are the Forgotten Church?
  • Why help the Forgotten Church?
  • Where can you help the Forgotten Church?
  • What Can A Sample Church Service for the Forgotten Church look like?
  • How Else can you help them use their gifts and talents?
  • Some Guidelines


Whether you are somebody who is part of what I call the "forgotten Church" or you want to help somebody who is, there is something inside for you to either learn afresh or be reminded of. Come on in!

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