April 13, 2022

Pulp Theology 36 - God’s WOW Words For You

PulpTheology Book

"God's WOW Words For You"


God's WOW Words For You: Straight talk about Jesus and the Bible

God's WOW Words For You introduces God's Two WOW Words - Jesus Christ (the Living Word of God) and the Bible (the Written Word of God)... This book is primarily designed for the new Christian in mind but will also challenge and remind more mature Christians... There are two sets of of interactive studies to help introduce and/or remind people about God's WOW Words - Jesus Christ and the Bible... Not only do we see together what the Bible says about God's WOW Words, but we also see the how and why! For instance why does Jesus Christ need to be simultaneously both fully God and fully human? How are we to interpret what the Bible says for people today?

Come on in! “God's WOW Words For You”. Available on Amazon in paperback with ISBN: 978-1500444891. Also available in large print and on Kindle


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