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"Glimpses into Song Of Songs: A Book of Relationship"


Glimpses into Song Of Songs: A Book Of Relationship

Ahhh the Song of Songs, which you may know by its other name, the Song of Solomon. The Jewish people call it the “Greatest Song of All Songs”. Martin Luther described it as “the noblest of all songs”. Yet it is rarely read or preached from today. When was the last time you read this fascinating book in its entirety or heard a sermon based on it? Some people, even today, are aghast at some of the very frank and provocative language which it conveys.

However, this should not stop us in the 21st century from reading it, studying it and learning from it. It is after in the Bible, it is in the Canon of Scripture, and is therefore part of what we claim to be God’s Written Word. After all, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, would have read the book during Passover – as would His Disciples and the early Church. Come on inside and let us explore together just a glimpse of what is a compelling and fascinating piece of literature. You may just surprise yourself as part of your walk with God. This book is part of the series 'Glimpses Into...'

Come on in! “Glimpses into Song Of Songs: A Book of Relationship”. Available on Amazon and PulpTheology.

"Psalms: A Book Of Life" available on Amazon in paperback with ISBN: 9978-1507841686

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