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When Love Hits Town



Jesus Christ is the most important figure in human history. Almost everybody has an opinion about him. Inside this book, we explore the Gospels to discover who Jesus said that he was, who others said that he was and why it all matters to us today in the 21st century.

We then go on into the book of Acts, looking at the events following His departure. What, or rather, who gave the impetus for the early Church? What was the catalyst for the mission of the Church? A mission which began with the 12 disciples, spread throughout the known world and consequently down through history. We investigate how God used this small group of Jesus' followers, to cause the then known world to be changed so comprehensively?

The story continues until today. Jesus Christ, who was and is the Light of the World, has hit town. The lightning bolt of God’s love has come to the world in the person of history, we know as Jesus Christ. Let us explore the love of God together. A love exemplified and revealed in and through the life of Jesus Christ, and as evidenced in the early Church. Can you imagine what your town, your nation, this world would be like if Christians, in obedience to Jesus Christ, loved other people, as God loved people?

"When Love Hits Town" available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle with ISBN: 9781724867414

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