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Intimacy with God


One of the words that scares a lot of people today, particularly in the Church, is the word "intimacy". Yet, the Christian is in an intimate relationship with God. It is going on in life, developing that relationship and refining the unique bond between God and the Christian. To know that God desires for the person to know Him more and more, should be of great encouragement to the Christian, as they develop their intimacy with God. This intimacy with God is not something to be taken for granted. It is for the Christian to work upon and develop.

What do we mean by intimacy with God? Intimacy with God, is where a person, a Christian, is in a dynamic relationship with Him. We can enter into this intimacy only because of the intimacy that Jesus Christ has with God the Father. We can enter into this intimacy because as Christians, we are covered and sheltered by Jesus' robe of righteousness. No other religion can claim this. It is a feature unique to Christianity. This relationship is developed through a devotional life, where the Christian is being transformed to the glory of God, evidenced by their living their life in direct obedient submission to God, in all facets of life. That means the use of time, money, energy along with prayer, worship, Bible Study, and other activities that are done in private rather than with other people.

Inside we look together at an intimate God who has spoken, the Christian developing skills of intimacy in listening to God, talking to Him and the outworking of that intimacy in all aspects of the Christian life. There is also an opportunity for you to creatively "give it a go" for 40 days, putting into practise what you have learnt afresh or been reminded of. Come on in!

"Intimacy with God" available on Amazon and all good bookshops in paperback or Kindle with ISBN: 978-1721939794

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