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Scriptural Delights

The author of this majestic Psalm 119 builds up within it metaphors about his relationship with God - treasures of delight. The Psalmist takes great delight explaining his relationship with God. A relationship which is sweetly intimate and dynamic. Have you ever noticed how the curiosity of birds, including Magpies, gets them to dig around exploring and then sing with delight upon finding what to their minds is treasure!

We can do the same with Scripture. Psalm 119, which is the delightful colossus of the Psalms, lends itself to much discovery and exploration. Alas, because of its length, a lot of people are put off reading it, let alone studying it. However Psalm 119 has a vibrant beauty and depth all of its own. It offers many pearls of wisdom to Christians living in the 21st century. Come! Let us explore together, the treasures of this magnificent piece of Scripture - Psalm 119.

"Scriptural Delights: Exploring Psalm 119" available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle with ISBN: 978-1507624203

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