September 17, 2022

Pulp Theology 08 - Exploring the Bible

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Exploring The Bible


Have you ever noticed the first thing a baby does when it is born? It cries! The crying shows that it is alive. Or how about when it needs help? It cries, wanting attention. A baby crying is symbolic of humanity's need of God and life with Him. That is the message of the Bible. The Bible also shows how God has intervened in human history - by becoming one of us and getting His hands dirty! WOW!

That is the message of Christmas and Easter! What is the best way to learn about God and follow Him? It is by reading the Bible regularly. Now, admittedly, this can lead to confusion! However, help is at hand within the pages of this little book. Christians think that through the Bible, God has spoken to our world because He loves this world which He made.

Written over a period of about 1,500 years by people of different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds, the Bible has a central message: God is love. Come inside and spend a short time each day, working your way through each book of the Bible, to see the development of this love. After all, it is the story of God & humanity. It is a story of ancient beginnings through to new beginnings! Are you ready? Come on in!

As well as looking at each book of the Bible, there is also a study guide looking at best practise to interacting with the Bible. In this section, we look at how God speaks through the Bible, some keys to understanding the Bible, how the Bible helps equips you for service, helps you to know God better and to discover His will for you, as one of His children...

Here is what one 5* Amazon Review said:

This is the best book I have read for a simple straightforward analysis of what the Bible is all about. It gives a clear breakdown of the different sections of both Old and New Testament for those who are seeking enlightenment on what the Christian faith bases its teaching. There are just enough Scripture references to whet the appetite for more. Also for the believer whose Bible knowledge has always been, or through lack of regular study has become bit sketchy, there is help. There is also ample space throughout for the reader to express their own thoughts and reflections. Highly recommendable reading.

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