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Pulp Theology 03

PulpTheology Book

God, Internet Church & You

PT03-GICAY.jpg It is now the 21st century.Technology marches inexorably onwards. A new kind of space has been birthed. It is called ‘Digital Space’ or you may know it as ‘the internet’. How can God’s people, the Church, respond to this advancement? In this little book we explore ways in which we can respond. Here are some of the questions we will explore together:

  • What is Digital Space & the Internet?
  • Is God able to interact there?
  • For the Christian, what are some of the liabilities and virtues of the Internet?
  • Could an internet based church be part of the historical church?
  • What can a Church service on the Internet look like?
  • How can this technology be used, so that you as a Christian, can use your talents and serve God on the Internet in the 21st century?

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