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The world as we know has a problem. The Bible clearly shows this but also shows us the solution to the problem. The man of history that we know as Jesus Christ, is the standout person from all of human history. Almost everybody has an opinion about Him. Jesus Christ is incomparable, and yet in human form, we know that during his earthly ministry he had no physical beauty that would draw people naturally to himself. We like to think of Jesus as a baby at Christmas, but so many people forget him after that, pretty much thinking and treating him as a baby. Yet we know that He grew and became a man. Christmas and Easter are inextricably linked together. The person born so He could save the world from itself.

The great God of creation, stepping into His creation as a human, getting His hands dirty with the purpose of reconciling the world back to Himself. WOW! Jesus’ uniqueness meaning that you and I, indeed anybody, can choose to have an active and dynamic relationship with God. I know Him to be personally reliable in every facet of life. As have countless numbers in the last 2000 years, including around the world today.

Inside this little book, we explore together the events of that first Easter some 2000 years ago. We will explore questions such as "What did Easter have to do with the Old Testament?" "Why is there an Easter?" "What happened at Easter to start changing the then known world?" “Why do the events of that first Easter matter to you and me?” Whether you are learning afresh or simply being reminded, come on in!

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