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A Glimpse of God

PT01-AGOG.jpgThe WOWFactor of Jesus Christ! It’s all there in black and white. To be agog is to be filled with excitement and expectation! Hence our title of this book exploring the man who splits history - Jesus Christ! Looking primarily at what the Bible says about him but also glimpsing briefly at the evidence from outside the Bible said about this most amazing of men! His birth we celebrate worldwide at Christmas and his death & resurrection we celebrate at Easter.


For many people today, as well as down through history, Jesus Christ is the most important figure in human history. Almost everybody has an opinion about him - whether positive, negative or indifferent. Come inside and let us explore together the primary documents about him, the Bible, who people say he was, what he did and the relevancy of Jesus Christ for you today! Suitable for those exploring Christianity as well as those who have been a Christian for a short while or for many years! come inside this book and find out more abuot this amazing God-man - Jesus Christ.

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