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By: Christi Armstrong

Recited by Jenny

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Some unforgivable idea

beckons from beyond my pain.

My attention centers on the darkness that suffocates my brain.

Come with me,

I hear a voice say,

as it injects me deeper into the fathoms

of my hidden experiences.

"Hello Sweetheart,"

the voice invades my head.

"How was your day?

Is your heart doing well?"

I hope.

Another voice calls.

Come with me.

Listen to the rain.

It waits patiently to drown your being.

My mouth opens,

To the vain pressure of silence,

the thief of my intent to protest.



love spin in my stomach,

dizzy, with no place to go.

My feeble attempt to escape

plunges me deeper into my leech dried veins.

My panicked heart cramps,

grasping for the crimson oasis

that taunts my survival.


I cling as my lungs collapse,

in a bed of eternal delirium.

Pale eyes look up,

confused at the figure before me.

His soft compassion,

invites and assures me.

He clasps my hand in His.

Through the numbness

I can hear his quiet voice,

longingly call my name.

"It's time to go child",

he encourages,

as I gingerly touch the hole in his hand.

My pain gone,

I look to Him.

"I'm ready,"

I cry,

as gently He pulls me into His peace.

My Abba Father,

my daddy and I cross the rocky shores

of earthly existence, together.

He sets me down

and holds me at his side as quietly,

I gaze into His promise of gold.

My knees cave beneath me.

My face on his perfect feet,

those feet that faithfully carried my life,

my breath,

my soul,

with each step that I did not deserve.

"Well done, my daughter",

His majestic voice soothes,

"welcome home!"

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