September 17, 2021

Partakers Bible Thought 17 September 2021 – Why is he called Jesus?


Partakers Bible Thought

16 September 2021

Today we are going to ask ourselves, in relation to Jesus, What’s in a name? I wonder what your name means. Parents usually name their children after the hopes and aspirations they have for that child. For example, the name John means “the gift of God”. I know somebody called Grace, and her nature is that of somebody full of grace. My name of David means “beloved” and when my parents named me, it was meant to symbolize the love they had for me.

But what does the name Jesus mean? When Jesus was born, his very name imbued the reason he was born. The name Jesus means “Saviour” or “One who saves or rescues.” The entirety of His birth, life and death was centred on this very role - saving and rescuing all those who would believe, receive and follow Him. We have seen in the testimony of the Apostles John, Peter and Paul how Jesus came to save sinners, to call people to follow, believe and receive Himself! This Jesus who proclaimed He was the only way to God!

Together we explore questions such as: Why was Jesus born? What do we mean when we say: “Jesus is saviour”? Why is our understanding of His birth so important? What does the coming of Jesus have to do with humans having an intimate and personal relationship with God? Listen or download the mp3 podcast to find out more about why Jesus is called by that name.

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