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Gems in the 1 John

Part 106 - 1 John 2:12-14
Who was left out?

Now for something completely different! John was writing for his age and generation so his 6 reasons for writing are all directed to males. I am sure that had he been writing in the 21st century instead of the 1st he would have directed some of his comments to females as well. Otherwise more than half his listeners and readers would have switched off! All we can do is try to help him out. I have done so by writing 6 paragraphs that he might have written in our day and generation – so different in many ways from his and even the one that the older ones amongst us grew up in.

This time, therefore, you have more to do than just read what I have written. Your tasks are these:
1. Do you agree?
2. Which would you accept into a modern scripture?
3. Can you think of any better ones that you think should be included?

Here are my efforts:
I am writing to you, mothers and grandmothers, because you are the basic foundations of your families and play such a huge role in its success or failure.
I am writing to you older women, because you tend to be the prayer warriors who support your local churches most.
I am writing to you single women, because on you falls the greatest pressure of our rapidly changing cultures, particularly in relation to sexual behaviour, the development of relationships and the new family structures that are emerging.
I am writing to you single women, because you have such an important role in society in relating to children and the ill as teachers and nurses and in your personal skills in the workplace.
I am writing to you school girls, because you have such a difficult time resisting the onward and downward march of modern cultures
I am writing to you school girls, because you have to decide what of the wisdom of the ages you should keep in the face of so many developments in sexual behaviour, celebrity based culture and communication technology.

Well? What do you make of it? Where else is there a great need to write to women and girls? Where else are the main difficulties they face in life, perhaps different ones from those us guys have to cope with?

Think, pray and learn.

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