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Investigating Jesus

Investigating Jesus Part 36

Jesus’ Last Night:
Jesus serves (John 13)

In an extraordinary move, Jesus washes the disciples’ feet (John 13:1-17).  Why does He do this? As part of the custom of the day, a servant or slave usually undertook foot washing of guests. Since none of the disciples had done this, Jesus Himself undertakes the task (John 13:4-5). Peter, recalcitrant and resistant as always, objects (John 13:6, 8). Peter learns that only those cleansed by Jesus and trusting in Him fully, can be a part of the kingdom (John 13:7, 9).

As we look back at this episode, knowing what we do now of the Cross of Jesus Christ, we learn how this simple act of washing the feet of His disciples, is symbolic of Jesus’ sacrificial death on the Cross.

  • Jesus’ getting up to serve symbolizes his coming to serve.
  • Just as Peter opposed Jesus going to the cross (Matthew 16:21-23), so he objected to having his feet washed here
  • As he took off his cloak, this symbolizes his glory being taken off when he became man.
  • Girding Himself with a towel, symbolizes his taking on human flesh at the incarnation.
  • As the water cleansed the feet, so Jesus death and blood cleanse from sin.
  • As he returned to where he was sitting and sat down after finishing this act of service, Jesus returned to the right hand of God after his work on the Cross.
  • Both events display great love and service.

When we became Christian Disciples, our sins were forgiven through Jesus’ death on the Cross. That is when we had our “bath” as it were. That is the point when we were justified before God and we are declared his child. Having been justified already, we don’t need a bath anymore. But we do need the equivalent of a feet-washing daily, and or every time we take Holy Communion, and a cleansing of our sin when we confess it before our God and repent.

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