April 21, 2016

Glimpses 56


Glimpses 56


My story starts with my birth as mine was rather traumatic. I was born in Aberdeen, north east Scotland. I was a very ill little baby. I was born three months early and weighed less than a bag of sugar. At some point before, during or after my birth my brain did not get enough oxygen. This caused brain damage so now I have cerebral palsy. I wasn’t supposed to live but my doctors decided to try to save me anyway.

There were many scary times; including an emergency operation when I was the smallest baby the surgeon had ever operated on. I also stopped breathing and had to be brought back to life a couple of times. But - people all over the UK were praying for me. I started to do things the doctors had said I would never be able to do, like walking, talking, and going to mainstream school, and secondary school. I’ve been to university twice, and have a Master’s degree.

It was at a Christian conference called Spring Harvest that I came to know Jesus for myself, as my saviour and friend, just before my ninth birthday. I had believers’ baptism at age 11. I remember it like it was yesterday. God used it to really encourage people.

I haven’t always been faithful to Jesus but he’s always been faithful to me. Since I became a Christian I had healthy teenage years but struggled with my faith and was rebellious. Now I wish I’d appreciated that time. When I was 19, and at university, I started becoming ill and had a few very painful hospital admissions. But God used me to witness to doctors, nurses and patients.

I had a life changing operation when I was 25, in which I nearly died, and the surgeon said it’s one of the most difficult operations he’s done. I was really carried through that time and so many people were praying. Never ever underestimate the power of prayer! Its four years since that operation and times have not been easy. A while ago my consultant said I have damaged my body from walking and I need to use an electric wheelchair full-time. I now also have carers in to help me and lots of hospital appointments.

I am still unable to work and really struggle with that. God is showing me though that he does have a purpose for me. I am writing for The Big Bible Project blog once a month, and Bible Reflections have publish a few of my articles. I also have my own blog. God is using my blog posts to help people. I also try to be a listener for my friends and others in need and am very much still learning how to do that.

Somehow God is carving out a ministry for me. Am trying to hold onto all the God has done for me and what He is continuing to do. I hope telling my story this way helps someone to know how powerful God is and how much prayer can do. God is a solid rock and a refuge on whom I can rely. He can do the same for you too!

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