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Fulfilled 9

At Partakers, like most of the world, we are now on the countdown to Christmas! This year we will look at how the birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ was fulfilment of words and promises spoken about down through the ages – through countless years as people looked to God to rescue them.

Over 300 predictions in the Old Testament look to the coming of a Messiah. That man we Christians believe was Jesus Christ. Over these 2 weeks, we will look at just a few of them! Look up the Bible references yourself to see!

Today we start to see predictions of how this Messiah would be treated in the leadup to His death…

26. Predicted: Messiah would be falsely accused.

  • Prediction: Psalm 35:11
  • Fulfilled: Mark 14:57-58 

27.Predicted: Messiah would be silent before his accusers.

  • Prediction: Isaiah 53:7
  • Fulfilled: Mark 15:1-5

28. Predicted: Messiah would be spat upon and struck.

  • Prediction: Isaiah 50:6
  • Fulfilled: Matthew 26:65-68

29. Predicted: Messiah would be hated without cause.

  • Prediction: Psalm 35:19; Psalm 69:4
  • Fulfilled: John 15:23-25

We continue tomorrow in our series "Fulfilled!" See you then!

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