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Partakers Friday Prayers!

24th May 2013

We pray today for all those grieving and mourning the loss of loved ones. We pray this in light of recent events involving untimely deaths

  • Oklahoma due to a tornado,
  • an innocent young man, Drummer Lee Rigby, brutally killed in Woolwich, London,
  • an innocent elderly man, Mohammed Saleem, killed in Birmingham
  • needless deaths in Bangladesh in the collapse of a factory,
  • deaths in Pakistan, Syria and other places where conflict is rife.

We pray together and when Christians pray together, from different nations, different churches and different denominations - that reveals Church unity! Come! Let us pray together! Today we are praying for all those grieving, regardless of the reason. Come! Let us pray for those in mourning...There is also space in the video for you to say your own prayers...

Father God,

be the strength for all those

who are grieving and mourning

the loss of loved ones.


Father God,

we pray that those in despair

will be helped and

where there is darkness

there will be light.


Father God,

embrace those needing comfort

with the Holy Spirit

and may He impart upon them

a peace that surpasses all understanding


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