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Father God

Partake - Words In Scripture Explained – God the Father

Welcome to Partake WISE. The word for today is Father God

The vast majority of all people, to some extent, have had an earthly father. Your father may never have shown you love, consideration or friendship. On the other hand, your relationship with your father may have been everything you could hope and desire for in a father-child relationship. Either way, cast aside all thoughts of your earthly father, as we consider together God the Father.

The defining function of God the Father is that He is the Almighty who intervenes, sustains and provides for all things. God the Father is a perfect father.

The Father of All Creation

As all of humanity is made in the image of God, the Fatherhood of God must apply to all humanity. God is the Father of our Spirits (Hebrews 12v9). God as Father wants everyone to be in His kingdom (Luke18v16). By calling him Father that means that God is a personal God! He loves all of His creation and He sustains it! He wants them in a relationship with Him!

The Father of Jesus Christ

From when Jesus as a twelve year old proclaimed he was about His Father’s business, to His teaching on prayer when He said to call God, Father; to the agonising prayer of John 17 and in His final words on the cross, Jesus cried out “Father God, into your hands I commit my spirit” (Luke 23v46). The words Jesus spoke were those He heard from the Father. The actions Jesus did were those He saw the Father doing (John 5v19).

The Father of Christian Disciples

For the Christian Disciple, God is Father because Jesus Christ was the Son of God (Romans 8v17; Hebrews 2v17). Christian Disciples have been adopted as heirs and as children (John 1v12). The Christian Disciple is to partake of the Father’s nature (2 Peter 1v3-4)! God the Father both cares for His children (Matthew 6v32) and disciplines His children (Hebrews 12v6-8). Above all, Christian Disciples can never be separated from the love of God the Father (Romans 8v39).

Two books I can recommend on Father God are:

"The Father Heart of God" by Floyd McClung

“From the Father’s Heart” by Charles Slagle

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