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Exploring The Bible

1. New Testament

Book of Revelation (AD94-96)


G'day and welcome to our series, "Exploring the Bible" This is also the title of our latest book available on Amazon by clicking here or visiting

Key Verses:

  • Revelation 1:19
  • Revelation 21:1-7


The author calls himself ‘John’ and may, or may not be the Apostle John. He writes about the prophetic program, which centres on Jesus Christ and extends from John's day until the enthronement of Jesus as the Father's king in the millennium and in eternity. The book reveals what John has seen – Jesus Christ’s glories; the things which are – regarding the seven churches referred to by name; and the things that will be: tribulation, second advent, millennium, and eternity.


Much of the meaning of what John wrote is a mystery yet the book has been of encouragement to Christians down through history. Some of it is prophetic but it is not wise to be too dogmatic about what it means. It says loudly and clearly that the future, and our present, are in God’s hands and that there will be final days of great glory and joy for the Lord’s people.


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