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Developing Intimacy With God

7. The Bible Helps You To Get To Know God Better

One of the very key teachings from the Bible is that God is love and that he can be known personally. That is why we know that he has spoken to humanity through his two WOW Words – Jesus Christ and the Bible. People are not naturally born possessing this knowledge, even though they know that God exists. That knowledge is not the same as knowing God personally. In the same way that I know about Queen Elizabeth II, I don’t know her personally. That is the same state that some people are in with regards to God.

Personal knowledge of God is ultimately crucial however, since knowing God personally and developing that relationship is what being a Christian is all about. As a Christian believer, you should be rejoicing that God earnestly desires you to gain this knowledge of Him, and to know him more and more. For this reason, He has spoken to you through his written Word, the Bible, revealing Himself and disclosing how you may know him.

While God can be known, your own knowledge of God, both now and in the future, will only ever partial. You will never know everything there is to be known about God. Knowledge of Him is both wonderful and endless. As you grow spiritually, knowing the Bible and thus knowing God more, you will grow in spiritual maturity. Why do you need to grow in maturity and knowledge?

The Apostle Peter commands that you grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18). You do this as part of your spiritual journey. Your aim is to become more like Jesus Christ. One of the Christian life’s’ greatest delights, is developing an intimate knowledge of God, intimacy with him and exploration of him and his ways.

The gospel, which means ‘good news’ or the news of Jesus you share with other people, is rightly entitled: ”the power of God to salvation” (Romans 1:16). The gospel the Bible brings to us is the agent of the new birth. The gospel is the soap by which God gives the believing sinner a spiritual bath resulting in salvation. The Bible is a teacher that brings wisdom, which leads to salvation.


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