May 17, 2018

Consequences 07


Consequence 07




Jesus - The God-Man Who Suffered



In this brief series called Consequences, we are looking together at 7 consequences of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Today we continue to look a bit deeper into that God-man, Jesus Christ and in particular His relevancy today in regards to suffering.


Ever since the first time humanity sinned against God, there has been death and suffering. Suffering was not part of God’s original creation and only came in after this event. God had a plan to alleviate this. As part of this plan, throughout his ministry Jesus said that he would suffer, die and be raised back to life again. Jesus went about alleviating the suffering of people – whether from physical, mental or spiritual suffering. Quite possibly the biggest question we ask ourselves, or is asked of us by others, concerns the problem of suffering.

I will start out by saying I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that I have suffered and still suffer today. I have died twice and been resuscitated twice. I also know that it was humanity’s sin which was and is the creator of all kinds of suffering, not God, as critics of the church maintain. I also know that Jesus the Son of God suffered. Indeed Jesus the Son of God died. Therefore God Himself knows what it is like to suffer. We know that God is personal and we know that as Jesus was both fully God and fully human, that God has suffered. God who is without sin became sin, when Jesus the Son of God died on the cross.


Through the life of Jesus Christ and His cross and resurrection, we see that the Almighty and Eternal God entered the time and space of His creation, even though He Himself is outside of time and space. God intimately knows what suffering is like, because of the suffering Jesus endured. Sufferings such as when he wept at the death of Lazarus his friend.

Suffering such as before He was arrested, Jesus suffered such anxiety that he perspired blood (Luke 22:44). On his way to crucifixion, Jesus was beaten and whipped so badly that He was disfigured and malformed, God suffered. When He was nailed to the cross, God suffered. When on the cross, and endured the insults hurled at him – God suffered. Jesus died on the cross, and for the first time in eternity, Jesus the Son of God was separated from God the Father.

WOW! That is suffering. That is why we have a hope. The God who calls us into relationship with Himself knows intimately what suffering is like. He endured all kinds of suffering just like us. That is why we know God is a personal God. An implacable statue is not personal and cannot have sympathy with us in our sufferings, but the living God can – because the living God died!


But Jesus’ death on the cross was not the end! Three days later Jesus was resurrected in the power of the Father! Jesus death and resurrection show that sin, suffering and death have been conquered! When the Holy Spirit comes and lives within, one of His main roles is as the great Comforter who provides comfort and consolation during the times when we suffer. I don’t know how you are suffering today. I do know that I suffer every day in some way. I have died twice in the past and been resuscitated. You may be suffering in someway and I wish I could take it from you, but I am unable to. And this may sound glib, but I know that because God suffered when He died on the cross, God is with you and knows intimately what suffering is like. But there is one thing I do know and hold onto.


This Jesus is coming back again, this time as the Almighty King of Glory! One glorious day every kind of suffering will be banished for those of us who love Him.

Revelation 21:4: “God will wipe away our tears. There will be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying and no more pain, for former things have passed away.”

What a glorious day it will be for those of us who love Him now. God Himself, with our face in His hands, wiping away our tears… When our King returns, there will be no more terrorism, missiles, guns, wars or bombs. No more will man’s inhumanity to man be allowed. No more torture, rapes, muggings or robberies. No more poverty or famine. No more religion, idols or icons. No more gossip, fornication, adultery, lying or debauchery. No more cowardice. No more pain. No more death. No more suffering. No more sin. Jesus wiping the tears of sorrw and joy from our eyes as He takes our head in his hands… WOW!


Have you asked this Jesus to be your Saviour and King yet? Jesus – the God-man who conquered sin, suffering and death who died and was raised to new life again by God. When you allow Jesus to be your Saviour and rely on him for your salvation, you become spiritually alive! Until then, you are spiritually dead. But you can have spiritual life! Come and follow this personal and personable God who knows what suffering is about. What are you waiting for? Again, I ask, who do you say the Jesus is? you have a choice to make. Deny Jesus know and he will deny you. Accept Jesus now and He will accept you. It is not too late! Today can be the day of your salvation and new life!


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