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Christmas 2019

29. Jesus’ Relationship With The Christian

So you have just become a Christian, been a Christian for a while, or are just interested in what this relationship with Jesus business is all about. I am sure you are aware that what you believe, affects what you do. Children behave like children, because that is what they are. Adults behave like adults, because that is who they are. So by remembering who we are as Christians, then we should also therefore behave like followers of Jesus Christ.

a. You died with Jesus. Jesus not only died for you, but you have died with him. The reason for this is that Jesus Christ’s death on the cross also broke sin’s power over you. You are in Christ and one with Christ. Baptism, is a strong act of identification of this because it symbolizes your death with Jesus.

b. You are raised with Jesus. It is an exciting fact that you are raised with him and you rule with him, seated at the right hand of the Father because of your strong identification with him. Isn’t that amazing! It is a WOW of being a Christian! Because Jesus rose from the dead, which is an historical fact, his followers are raised with Him!

c. You live with Jesus. If you are a Christian, Jesus is to be your life and your eternal life is Jesus Christ. You are to be dead to sin, yet alive to Christ. (Those last 3 points are all found in Romans 6:1–14.)

d. You are hidden with Jesus. You belong to Jesus Christ and you no longer belong to this world! That is not to say you are to neglect your earthly duties and responsibilities, but your motives and strengths are to come from Him, and him alone.

e. You will be glorified with Jesus. When Jesus Christ comes again, you will see him face to face, and he will take you home to eternal glory. When Christ is revealed in glory, you too will be revealed in glory. One day the full extent of this glory will be revealed! (The last 2 points are both found in Colossians 3:1-4).

What does all of this mean? It means that you are to stop being disobedient to God, which means to stop sinning in activity and in attitude. If you remember who you are in Jesus Christ, this will help you be an overcomer of sin and temptation!

That is all for today! Come back tomorrow to as we finalise our Christmas series 2019, where I reveal why I am a Christian.

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