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Christmas 2019 20. Mary’s Song


Luke 2:39-56

There is much to be said about this time of year we call Christmas. Worldwide there are about 250 babies born every minute.
Yet, the birth we celebrate at Christmas, is like no other birth of a human. That birth of the man Jesus Christ, 2000 years ago, caused the world to change. The birth of Jesus Christ causes more of the world today to pause amidst the busy-ness of life, take a breath amidst the noise of daily life and celebrate in many different ways and fashions.

Enough of an introduction, let’s get down to business! Here is what John Calvin, one of the giants of Church History, says about this passage:

“Now follows a remarkable and interesting song of the holy virgin, which plainly shows how eminent were her attainments in the grace of the Spirit.”

Isn’t that a beautiful thing for him to say about Mary? Here is what the reformer Martin Luther said of this passage, the Magnificat:

“In order properly to understand this sacred hymn of praise, we need to bear in mind that the most blessed Virgin Mary is speaking out of her own experience, in which she was enlightened and instructed by the Holy Spirit.”

 Synopsis (Download the mp3 using the link below to hear in full)

1. Mary visits Elizabeth
2. Mary’s Song – Synopsis
3. God: Holy and Almighty
4. Why did Mary have to be a virgin?


What can we take away with us today from this story from the Bible? We saw how Mary burst into song. Much is made erroneously of Mary by some people down through history as well as today. She isn’t, as some purport, to be the Queen of Heaven. She was not eternally a virgin, because we know that the marriage to Joseph was consummated afterwards and that they had other children together. She needed a Saviour herself, and I think she knew that when it was announced to her that she was to be with child by a work of God. I don’t think she would want the attention to be on her, as some people want to do these days, but as evidenced in this song, to deflect automatically all glory and praise to God.

Are we like that in our dealings with others? Do we deflect all praise to God for the things that he has done for us in the past, is doing things for us now and will do in the future? That is part of what it means to be humble.

We have been given a job to do as Christians, as well. To tell others about the amazing work of God done in our lives, in order to bring people back into relationship with God? That is what we have been trying to do on these Thursdays in the lead up to Christmas. God may have given you a specific job to do. How are you getting on with these things?

Are you like Mary who considered it a blessing and honour to be of service to God and other humans? Or are you like most people, just ignoring it, or not being so happy to do what you have been told to do? I am sure you would love this Church to be filled with people. If you do, then you will tell other people about the Jesus you serve. We looked at this recently from Romans 10 together.

Jesus coming into the world was so that He would be the Saviour of the whole world. His life, death and resurrection would establish salvation for all who would believe and receive it, regardless of their race, colour, creed, culture, or social status. Jesus came so that people can turn to being friends with God. This Jesus is somebody whom I depend upon and personally know to be totally reliable in every way. When people let me down, turn away from me, discourage me, think wrongly off me, incorrectly assume my motives, this Jesus always picks me up, never turns me away and always encourages and embraces me. All through each day, I know that Jesus has been dependable, going ahead of me! Amazing!

God stepped into human history in the person of Jesus Christ so that triumphant victory over evil and death could be achieved. That Jesus is both God and human is what makes Christianity unique. It is why Jesus’ claims to be the only way to God are true and it is why millions of people today worship Him and acknowledge Him as their God.

If you are not a Christian, the opportunity for you to do so is still here. At Christmas time, we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Jesus, the God-man who entered human history, conquered sin, suffering and death. Jesus Christ who grew into adulthood, who died a horrific and painful death and was raised to new life again by God. When you allow Jesus to be your Saviour and rely on Him for the salvation that you need, you become spiritually alive. Until then, you are spiritually dead. But you can have spiritual life.

Come and follow this personal and personable God who knows what suffering is about. What are you waiting for? Again, I ask, who do you say this Jesus is? You have a choice to make. Deny Jesus now and he will deny you. Accept Jesus now and he will accept you. It is not too late. Today can be the day of your salvation and new life.

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