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Book Catalogue

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Here are a list of my current books on Amazon! A great Christmas present for somebody and when you buy from me, you are giving me a Christmas present! Come on over to Pulp Theology on Amazon

A full catalogue in PDF is available by downloading here

Current books available and more to be added shortly...

  • 40 Days of Color: Coloring-In Devotional studies for adults (and maybe kids too!)
  • AGOG: A Glimpse of God: A straight look at the man who splits history...
  • Exploring Islam with David Combes
  • Glimpses into Acts: A Book of Action
  • Glimpses into Leviticus: A Book of Joy
  • Glimpses into Psalms: A Book of Life
  • Glimpses into Romans: A Book of Freedom
  • God's WOW Words For You: Straight talk about Jesus and the Bible
  • Living Life Right: Studies in Romans 12 - Practical Living and Loving
  • Scriptural Delights: Exploring Psalm 119
  • The Big Story with Roger Kirby
  • What's It All About, Alphy: The Lord's Prayer
  • WOW Disciple Book 01: God and Life
  • WOW Disciple Book 02: Living Life
  • WOW Disciple Book 03: Body Life
  • WOW Disciple Book 04: Developing Life
  • WOW Disciple Book 05: Devotional Life
  • WOW Disciple Book 06: Inner Life

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