google-site-verification: google3e8cc4742c5fd8a2.html 9. The God who speaks!

Has God ever roared? God is like a lion who roars whenever He so desires. As Christians, we believe that God has. We believe that God has spoken to this world because he loves this world. 1 John Chapter 4 verse 16 tells us that God is love. Part of love is a desire to both know and to be known. That is why the prophets spoke and the Bible were written. This is why the God became man in Jesus Christ, because God wanted to know and be known in the fullest, human way possible.

God speaks to the world by three methods. Firstly, through revelation, where God has caused the truth to be revealed. Secondly, where God causes the truth to be recorded. We call this inspiration. Lastly, illumination, because God causes the truth to be understood.

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