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Friday Prayers

O all-transcendent God
what other name describes You?
What words can sing Your praises?
No word at all denotes You.
What mind can probe Your secret?
No mind at all can grasp You fully.

Alone beyond the power of speech,
all people can speak of springs from You.
Alone beyond the power of thought,
all people can think of stems from You.

All things proclaim You – things that can speak, things that cannot.
All things revere You – things that have reason, things that have none.

The whole world's longing and pain mingle about You.
All things breathe You a prayer,
a silent hymn of Your own composing.

All that exists You uphold,
all things in concert move to Your orders.
You are the end of all that is,
You are one, You are all;
You are none of the things that are,
You are not a part and not the whole.

All names are at Your disposal;
how shall I name You, the only unnameable?
What mind's affinities with heaven
can pierce the veils above the clouds?
Mercy, all-transcendent God,
what other name describes You?

A prayer of Gregory Nazianzus (329 – 390)

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