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Mormonism - An Introduction

The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints.

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My first introduction to Mormonism was when visiting some homes in the Bournemouth area on behalf of a local evangelical church. Knocking on one particular door I received an extremely warm welcome. I was politely invited into a nice, well kept home and was made at home instantly. My first thoughts were "Wow! Surely here is a Christian home "So what led me to that conclusion?" You may well ask, for surely there are polite atheists living in our district aren't there?. It wasn't because of their high interest in the Bible for that was surely evident.. No, I was perhaps thinking that way because the words they used concerning the things of God were very very similar. They seemed to use all the jargon that many Christians use. Yes, they talked like Christians yet there was something odd about them. Why do I say that? Because when I brought up in the conversation something about Jesus shedding his precious blood to deliver us from our guilt of sin I thought they would be totally in agreement with me. When I talked of this as evidence of Jesus great love for us they became tense and I sensed an awkwardness coming into our conversation. It wasn't flowing. It was at that point I realised or maybe the Holy Spirit inside of me gave me witness, that these dear people were looking for salvation in a completely different direction!. Yes, they were kind, friendly religious people but they were not born again Christians. My second introduction to Mormon missionaries was when visiting some backsliding Christians who were having difficulty holding onto their Christian faith. They had agreed to have two Mormon missionaries visit them in their own home with a audio/ visual presentation of Mormonism and what it was all about. I was invited as a friend to be there at this meeting. Two Mormon Elders arrived with a video/audio equipment to teach people the Mormon doctrines. I was introduce as a frind and so we all sat down to watch and listen. Following the presentation we entered into discussion and it was all very polite and lots of smiles . "Have you any questions? we were asked. I answered "Yes I do have an important May I ask you what you teach concerning the difference between two very important Bible words. Please explain to me your understanding of the words grace and mercy in the Bible." They seemed to fumble with their answer saying "Sorry we have not got our Webster book of words with us" "May I then help you?" I offered. "Why Yes " they replied. I simply said "God's grace is God giving to us that which we do not deserve and God's mercy is God withholding from us that which we do deserve." Silence reigned before they made a hurried retreat to the door saying they had another immediate engagement. The home in which this conversation took place with Mormon elders (their own definition of their office) was owned by two young Christians who were obvious targets as they were not very well taught in the Christian faith. The Mormons missionaries were clean,tidy and indeed smart in their clothing as well as in their manner and clear conversation and attractive to the gullible Christians whom they may meet by going from house to house. So what do you know about the Mormons? I want to help you grasp some fundamental truths concerning them if you are confronted by them on your own front door step or have them approach you in a busy shopping centre which you frequent regularly. They are regularly see in our towns and approach us in a polite and friendly way and can catch us off guard. So having introduced Mormonism next time I want to talk about their founder, Joseph Smith, and how they came into being.

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